About the Forum

As always, the HiiL Innovating Justice Forum is the place where perspectives on user-friendly justice meet: bottom up and institutional; justice entrepreneurs and courts; informal and formal justice; innovation and research.

The purpose of the Forum is to:

Get a bird’s eye view of the needs for financing justice

Understand the dynamics of current financial streams in the justice sector

Explore the best innovations and how revenues can be increased

Define measurable outcomes to make the case for investment

Explore budgeting and public/private partnerships to finance 100% access to justice


We have the floor of Nieuwspoort and the Peace Palace to bring together issues and solutions, measure up the demand and supply of money, identify the investment areas, and push the boundaries of conventional wisdom and inspire to new paths to achieve the targets under SDG16.3 (equal access to justice for all).


We transform the Peace Palace auditorium into an exchange. At the market, align yourself where most value is added for you: engage with innovators, investors, researchers or policy-makers. The rest of the afternoon, you become an explorer of the terrain of Financing Justice.


Inspiring speakers, interactive sessions and more.

Looking back at the Innovating Justice Forum 2019

There is a fundamental place legal technology will play in achieving SDG16, equal access to justice for all. The Innovating Justice Forum 2019 brought together innovators, lawyers, judges, investors, ministers, leaders and academia to talk about legal innovation, what it is and where it is needed. What is more, a winner out of twelve fantastic new innovations from around the world was chosen. Listen to what the Innovating Justice Awards 2019 winner and founder of CrimeSync, Sorieba Daffae has to say about disruptive innovation in the legal sector.