Building the case for financing justice innovation


3 February 2020

The Hague Humanity Hub | THE HAGUE

4 February 2020


5 February 2020



The Innovating Justice Forum 2020 focuses on Financing Justice Innovation. Demand for effective justice services from people is huge. But investment in such services is still minimal. What needs to be done to increase the money streams towards preventing and resolving justice problems? You will find this and other questions in our programme.


We have the floor of Nieuwspoort and the Peace Palace to bring together issues and solutions, measure up the demand and supply of money, identify the investment areas, and push the boundaries of conventional wisdom and inspire to new paths to achieve the targets under SDG16.3 (equal access to justice for all).


We transform the Peace Palace auditorium into an exchange. At the market, align yourself where most value is added for you: engage with innovators, investors, researchers or policy-makers. The rest of the afternoon, you become an explorer of the terrain of Financing Justice Innovation.

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Innovating justice starts with you. So let’s do it together.


If there were one billion cases of a certain illness, or the same number of persons not paying taxes, action would be taken by different actors. Yet, unlike in healthcare, climate adaptation or silent and eco friendly vacuum cleaners, innovation to get to user friendly justice is still not visible.

For the 10th Innovating Justice Forum, we want you to build with us the business case for Financing Justice Innovation. Based on our work in this domain over the past fifteen years, we are convinced we can strengthen the business case for financing justice innovation.

What can you expect?

  • You will drive home the need to finance justice innovation
  • You will have helped build the road map to Finance Justice Innovation
  • You identified monetary and non-monetary ways to Finance Justice Innovation as an investor/ corporate entity / philanthropist /government
  • You have options through the public sector, private sector, knowledge-sector and various combination for sustainable financing
  • You know what sort of funding is needed to scale up sustainable justice innovation
  • You… fill in the rest. What opportunities will you forge?


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