Building the case for financing justice innovation

5 february 2020 | THE PEACE PALACE, THE HAGUE

Save the date

We are very excited to share this with you.
We have arranged for the next Innovating Justice Forum to be back on 5th February 2020.
Again, the Peace Palace in The Hague will be the meeting place for the most disruptive innovations to improve access to justice for millions of people.

More information and ticket sales will follow soon!


Financing Justice Innovation is an investment in people and societies.  Access to justice has a positive impact on how people function, how public and private sectors perform, and ultimately, how well a nation can thrive. 

Expanding in access to justice through investment cures pain caused by injustice. We all know injustice: from violence or broken relationships. We are all responsible for achieving access to justice, not just governments or private sector or philanthropists. 

Justice should be facilitated; it should serve people and it should be easy to get. Financing Justice Innovation is about people, money is the means to protect and advance people and societies. In terms of investment practice, it is about sharing know-how, experiences and matching supply and demand. 

It is also about investing in solutions that work, data based and people driven. Financing  Justice Innovations means investing in social impact, in improving the daily lives of people, everywhere.

What can you expect?

For the 10th Innovating Justice Forum, HiiL strives to build the business case for Financing Justice Innovation by bringing together the issues and solutions, the demand for financing and the supply of money, investment, knowledge and insights. 

In two days, HiiL, its partners, people from the public, private and knowledge sectors will get together to share ideas, push the boundaries of conventional wisdom and inspire to new paths to achieve the targets under SDG16.3 (equal access to justice for all). So we build partnerships, conventional and non-conventional, to arrive at a sustainable approach to ensure access to justice for all.

Will you join us?

Day 1

On the first day, we convene in smaller groups on specific aspects of Financing Justice Innovations. Some questions that you can prepare to explore are: What are the buy-ins, which roles do governments, NGOs, private investors and enterprises play, how do you replicate and economize innovations, what sort of financing is actually needed?

Day 2

On the second day, we arrive at the Peace Palace, starting with a focusing and inspiring debate: The Role of the Private and Public Sectors in Financing Justice Innovation. This shapes a foundation before examining showcases of successful justice innovations and, less successful innovations. 

The rest of the afternoon, you become an explorer of the terrain of Financing Justice Innovation. We transform the Peace Palace auditorium into a marketplace. At the market, align yourself where most value is added for you: engage with innovators, investors, researchers or policy-makers.

Looking back at the Innovating Justice Forum 2019

There is a fundamental place legal technology will play in achieving SDG16, equal access to justice for all. The Innovating Justice Forum 2019 brought together innovators, lawyers, judges, investors, ministers, leaders and academia to talk about legal innovation, what it is and where it is needed. What is more, a winner out of twelve fantastic new innovations from around the world was chosen. Listen to what the Innovating Justice Awards 2019 winner and founder of CrimeSync, Sorieba Daffae has to say about disruptive innovation in the legal sector.

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