Forum 2022 update

We are thrilled to announce that we have become one of the official partners for the World Justice Forum, taking place from 30 May to 2 June 2022!

Through this exciting partnership and building on its success, we are taking the Innovative Justice Forum to the next level. This will enable us to achieve greater impact and make people-centred justice happen on a bigger scale. The World Justice Forum will bring together a global network of rule of law actors, including representatives from governments, international organisations, philanthropies, and the private sector together on the topic ‘Making more just communities’. We strongly believe that collaboration and partnerships play a pivotal role in achieving our mission to prevent and resolve justice problems for millions, in a more effective and much faster way, putting people and the outcomes they need at the centre.

As the preparation for our participation at the World Justice Forum starts in full swing, we hope you will continue to follow our journey on social media channels. We are delighted to partner in this exciting agenda and look forward to keeping you updated! The detailed agenda for the World Justice Forum features Justice Expo, off-site events and also activities at cultural institutions in the Hague.

We hope you will actively take part in this Forum and join us in our exciting journey to achieve people-centred justice. For more information about the programme details and to register, please visit the World Justice Forum website.

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