New speakers announced for the 2021 Innovative Justice Forum

HiiL is pleased to announce the latest speakers have confirmed their participation to our annual Innovation Forum

From 8-10 February 2021, The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL) will convene justice leaders, innovators, and practitioners for its 11th annual international conference. This year’s Innovating Justice Forum will take place virtually and focus on the theme:

Making People-centred Justice Work

In a series of dialogues between the high-level stakeholders and justice innovators, the 2021 Forum will showcase the entrepreneurial potential in developing people-centred justice solutions. Participants will seek collectively to raise the ambition of Sustainable Development Goal 16.3 – equal access to justice for all – and explore how justice perspectives fit with reality. 

The Forum will also illuminate successful public-private partnership models within the justice sector, and which can be emulated or replicated across geographies. In an era of increasing interconnectedness and technological advancement, together we will offer truly people-centred approaches to address the increasing demands for justice and promote collective action. 

Participants include innovators, lawyers, judges, investors, ministers, leaders, and researchers representing academia, national and local governments, the private sector and entrepreneurship, and civic society. 

The 2021 Forum will convene in close collaboration with the International Task Force on Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands. 

For an updated list of all the speakers and their complete biographies, visit the speakers page.

Bridging the justice gap

Dedicated to improving access to justice around the world, the Innovation Forum welcomes innovators, lawyers, judges, investors, ministers, leaders, and researchers to explore, present, and exchange ideas that will help shrink the justice gap around the globe. According to International IDEA’s Global Monitor on Covid-19’s impact on democracy and human rights, “Over half the world’s countries have implemented measures to curb the pandemic that violate human rights.”

In 2020, indicators on access to public information and the rule of law that measure the UN’s SDG16 targets have declined. This has raised concerns about the excuse of the pandemic towards realising equal access to justice for all.

According to Pathfinders for Justice, prior to the spread of COVID-19, 1.5 billion people had a criminal, civil, or administrative justice problem that they could not resolve. The pandemic has deepened this justice deficit with civil, administrative, and criminal justice problems exacerbated by loss of employment and restrictions on movement.

HiiL looks forward to continued collaboration to make justice sectors more inclusive, effective, and responsive to people’s needs. We welcome unique perspectives from individuals committed to improving access to justice and fulfilling SDG 16.  The Innovating Justice Forum: Making People-centred Justice Work is part of this effort, especially in the direction of understanding and bridging the gap between the formal and informal justice systems.

The Forum will also showcase HiiL’s research on what we call ‘Gamechangers’, sustainable and scalable opportunities (products, services and models) that can bring solutions to people’s most pressing justice problems.

You can already register to attend the Forum and share the news within your networks!

HiiL’s 2021 Innovation Forum is made possible in partnership with the International Task Force on Justice and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their ongoing support for Sustainable Development Goal 16.3 – equal access to justice for all

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